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Recent Case Studies

I have coached the CEO of a Leading Recruitment Agency through a strategic review of the business, and how to sell his strategy to the rest of the Board. This was successfully accomplished, and he has now embarked on the next phase of development.

I have designed and run Workshops for a Leading insurance broker network to improve the transfer of learning from an off the job management development Programme back to the workplace. This has resulted in widespread changes in how managers view their people management responsibilities.

I coached a Director of a Further Education college to take on a functional role where she had to learn new management techniques to be effective. She has accomplished this, and the Principal of the College has been delighted with the changes made.

I spent two days with the CEO and senior management group of a Hospice, helping them review their strategy, and take a new direction. This resulted in a quite major shift in orientation to take a much more pro-active stance in research.

I have helped the individual members of the management team in a Software House rely less on their technical strengths, and focus more on developing their teams. It is quite a small business that relies on the calibre of its people to differentiate itself in its very competitive market. Since my work, the business has been successful in securing a major new contract.
I also advise the Board on broader development issues.

I conduct psychometric profiling on shortlist candidates for senior management positions in several Independent Schools, and provide a consolidated report for the School Governors to assist them with their selection decision.

I designed and led a Programme of Development Centres in an Insurance Plc to identify high talent. This led onto developing a management Programme with other consultants to work with the high talent group. This consisted of a Workshop followed by Action learning -style groups.

I acted as mentor for a Museum Manager who had recently been appointed to her first management role. She is extremely enthusiastic, but fails to appreciate the political sensitivities of some of the situations in which she finds herself. She can also be overawed by people outside her immediate circle, and I am working with her to improve her self-esteem. She has had excellent feedback from the Local Authority with whom she has most dealings.

I coached an IT Manager who was ineffective when faced with senior management. We discovered that the roots lay in the relationship with her parents. I explored this just sufficient to give her insight, and then helped her to find ways to behave more effectively, using Transactional Analysis techniques. She has now progressed to take on responsibility for Learning & Development in her company.