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Expenditure on management training in the UK is set to rise from £17.9 billion to £19.46 by 2008 according to market research company, Keynote. Yet it seems much of this money could be wasted. Writers such as Broad & Newstrom claim that as much as 80% of the value of training could be lost unless the learning is captured.

Blue Ridge has a number of ways to address this:

A Transfer of Learning Workshop is a highly effective one day event. It is aimed at the line managers of people about to attend a management development Programme. It helps them to understand the nature of their role and gives them tools to ensure the learning from the training is captured and applied.

Coaching managers after they have attended a course to help them apply the learning back into the workplace. David Pullinger recently completed research into the application of coaching in this way, which showed what a powerful tool it could be.

Managing the Learning Process. There are a number of parties involved in ensuring that the investment in training pays off. Tutors need to ensure the relevance of their course, both to the individual and corporate agendas. Managers need to understand their role in helping learners implement the learning, and participants have a role in setting their own learning objectives, and proactively seeking to achieve them. Blue Ridge can work with you to ensure your Development Programme is designed throughout with Transfer of Learning in mind.