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Blue Ridge Management Ltd offers a range of services to help businesses excel through the excellence of their people. Whenever your business is going through a period of change, it is vital that your people development strategies are aligned with these changes. We can help you to achieve this. It could mean:

Helping the Board to appreciate the implications of their business strategy for people development.

Ensuring a company gets maximum return on its investment in management development

Coaching managers who are faced with making a new matrix structure work.

Conducting psychometric profiling on short list candidates for a job to ensure the very best appointment for all concerned.

Running a Development Centre to identify the next generation of talent in the business.

Designing and managing a development Programme to help build new capability in the business.

Blue Ridge Management Ltd has a wide network of Associates with whom we can work. This gives us the flexibility to bring the best expertise to bear, while keeping our overheads at a minimum. This means we offer excellent value for money.

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